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Vastu plays very important role in our life but one should know what vastu is ,who is it, where did it come from, what is the history, Is vastu mentioned anywhere in like Vedas puranas or holy books, Is there any proof of it, or Is this is scientific, can we call it science?
Or Is it just made up by bunch of money minded people so they can make money out of it? Is there any logic behind it? How can vastu make our life more peaceful and healthy?
Nothing in this world is without logic, and if there is logic we call it science. If we will go deep in this study it’s a science a ‘logical science which is given by our rishies and munies thousand of years back. Vastu is a science indulging with nature. It is the perfect balance of the nature and science. We can’t play with nature but if we do try to play with it, we all know the effect of it, why global warming is just tampering with nature.
Usefull Vastu Suggestions

Basic Principles of Vastu Shastra

There is a shloka also in our Vedas which says
"yet pinde tat bramande"
Means what ever is present in this whole universe, is actually with in us

Meditation that we do on these "chakras", They all are interlinked with all the "panchmahabootas" or "panchtatvas". Every tatva is within us and should be balanced.
So it is based on natural logics. why vastu recommends we should keep open space in the north east direction or source of water in north because we all know sun rises from the eastern side of d horizon and sun rays can be split into 7+2 colors beginning from the very beneficial rays which is known VIBGYOR. During sun rise the rays of sun has the most beneficial vital effect on the earth. It has been proved by science also, that’s the reason we keep our north east corner open and the ray of sun vitalized the water. So like the vastu recommends keeping your head in the south direction and sleep. The reason is due to north and South Pole axis energy travels from north to south that’s why Vastu is all about following the natural and scientific path to make your house office and factory etc more beneficial and prosperous for human being. The principal of vastu is very clear easy to learn.

“Vastu consultant mostly tells people to demolish a room or kitchen that is not viable. It seems wrong it can be fixed with the remedy without demolishing and changing the kitchen until and unless it is actually constructed in bad direction".

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